Ali Elsayed Mukhtar

Sugar Consultant

• Eng. Mukhtar is a sugar technology consultant with more than 40 years of experience in sugar technology and engineering, He has Obtained his B.Sc in Chemical Engineering with Honors from the University of Khartoum ,and thereafter his M.Sc. in same field from university of Khartoum, his technical qualification include comprehensive exposure to C&H sugar Refinery in California, several sugar factories in Texas and Louisiana, One-year intensive Diploma at Hawaii, U.S.A. in sugar technology and engineering, post graduate Diploma in Sugar Technology university of Khartoum. He is Member of the International Sugar Technologist Association(IST)

• Eng Mukhtar, Upon his graduation has joined the giant Kenana Sugar Company and continued servicing Kenana ,in the following capacities;
 • Sugar Processing Superintendent, Training Manager, Factory Technical Manager, Factory Operations Manager, Factory Project Manager, General Factory Manager, General Manager (Sugar Business Unit) till he led the full operation of Kenana sugar company and white Nile sugar company in capacity of Corporate Technical Director & deputy Managing Director at site .
 • During his tenure, he led the optimization and upgrading of the plant by 50% capacity enabling the factory to reach 26,000 TCD crushing capacity and to produce up to 600,000 MT of refined sugar from cane and raw sugar , 60.0 million liters of ethanol and 70 MW of electricity.
 • Moreover, led the implementation of the White Nile Sugar Project factory, with a total project cost of about 1.2 billion US Dollars, along with provision technical support to various international clients, such as Dangote sugar projects in Nigeria with a total project cost of about 3 billion USD, consultancy management to Government of Ethiopia for nine (09)sugar factories in three regions costing about 5 Billion USD, Government of Tunisia, Government of Mauritania, and Government of Kenya,as well as consultancy for other Sudanese sugar factories such as Gafa Sugar Project, Sabina Sugar Project, Mashkoor Sugar Project ,Elsuki Sugar project and other.