Muna T. M. Ahmed
Certified Strategic Planner (ICBC)

CSP: Certified Strategic Planner (ICBC)
Sudan Engineering Council: Enrollment number (EC/ER/SE/3735)
PhD in Chemical Engineering, Engineering Management Strategies in Chemical Industries (KRC & KPC – KSC) in Sudan: Measurement and Amelioration. MSc in Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Al- Gezira University - Evaluation OF Energy Consumption Cost in Vegetable Oil Mills in Sudan BSc (Honors), Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Al- Gezira University

More than 20 Professional Courses and Training 

Profile Dr: Muna T. M. Ahmed Sudanese E-mail: munatag@yahoo.com

An astute individual with high acumen for learning and knowledge. Have acquired broad range of technical skills and have accomplished outstanding professional performances. Multi-skilled, talented, hard worker, punctual, motivated, duty bounded, socially friendly with high commitment for work place and capable of functioning in stressful environments. Always looking forward to increasing my knowledge & provide or share my good experience in engineering management strategy

Work Position Title

Business development board member/director


engineering management and integrated solutions Company - Private Company for Calibration and Instrumentation.


Jan-2019 – present
Engineering management expert strategic planner
-Khartoum Petroleum Refinery (KRC), -Khartoum Petrochemical (KPC) -KSC (Sugar/ Ethanol Factory)
Sep-2015 – present
Assistant professor,
Sudan University of Science & Technology
Mar 2018 – Present
-Sudan University of Science & Technology -Sudan Academy of Science
June 2013 - Sep 2017
-University of Science & Technology

-University of Science & Technology.

Production lines consultant
-Vegetable Oil & Packing Factory -National Paint
Apr 2011- present
QA/QC Manager
May 2009 – May 2015
Refinery Head Section
Oct 2006- Apr 2009
Soap & Glycerin Section Supervisor
May 2005- Sep 2006
Oil seed Mill Assistant
(ASVOC): Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) group
Feb 2004- Apr 2005
-Publish Papers and Books
- Soap Industries in Sudan: Challenges & Opportunities, International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, VOLUME 6, ISSUE 02, FEBRUARY 2017 ISSN 2277-8616
- Impacts of Government Policies in Textile industries in Sudan, http://textilelearner.blogspot.com/2016/08/impacts-government-policies-sudan.html, 2016
- Engineering Management Strategies, LAMBERT Academic Publishing: Academic Book 978- 620-2-06146-9, 2017
- Materials Management Strategy in Sugar Industry in Sudan, International Journal of Investment Management and Financial Innovations, Vol.4, No. 1, Publication Date: May 16, 2018, Page: 9-17

- Professional Projects for developing the industry

Apr 2011- Apr 2013 Ansari Vegetable Oil & Packing Factory: Planning & Setting and start up
Oct 2006- Apr 2009: Refinery Head Section, Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Co.: Construction and foundation, Implementation & Commissioning
May 2005- Sep 2006: Soap & Glycerin Section, Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Co. :
Construction and foundation, Implementation & Commissioning

Personal Projects

- Quality control department Rehabilitation & Mobilization Project, Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Co, 2009
- 22000 & 90001 ISO Awarded Preparation Project, Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Co, 2010
- Physical & Chemical Characteristics Improvement for Blend Oil Project, SAVOLA, 2014
- Nitrogen Dosing Effectiveness in: Vegetable Oil Shelf life, Brightness and Density Project, SAVOLA, 2015

-Train and supervise a lot of chemical engineers during the last 17 years

Responsibilities & Skills

Responsibilities Overview

-Strategic Planning for business development
-Processing, quality and quality assurance optimization consulting
-Set the production and manufacturing policies and procedures which develop processes and maximize stewardship, safety, quality and productivity.
- New plant dressing:
• Planning
• Construction and foundation
• Implementation
• Setting and start up
• Commissioning
• Regular plant running operation
- Planning, organizing, directing and running optimum operations to exceed customersexpectations
- Increasing production, assets capacity and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs and maintaining correct quality standards.
-planning to achieve maximum production with required yield and quality by effective utilization of personnel, machines, and materials.
- Monitored, measure, evaluate & planning for optimize performance against approved targets with proper documentations


- Observing all technical activities and solving the problems at level best.
- Great ability to perform multi-task and meet deadlines for improve the safety, reliability, integrity, efficiency, operability, and capacity of the utility systems.
- Great interpersonal skills; and comfortable working effectively both independently and in a team environment.
- Highly business oriented and proper / excellent tasks accomplishment engineer
-Advanced in preparation of scientific / professional reports and documents